Shared Hosting Specifications

High-Performance Web Hosting in Moldova with unlimited traffic and complete cyber protection
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Web Hosting in Moldova
Personal Hosting
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Business Hosting
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Unlimited Hosting
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Hosting Platform
KernelCare, Imunify360, OWASP+, IDS/IPS, WAF, Server Smart Cache
NVME Storage
Unique visits per month
~ 25,000 ~ 50,000 ~ 100,000
Backup Enterprise
Web Domains
5 10 20
MYSQL Database
15 25 50
Free Domain name
Free Certificat SSL
CPU cores available 2 Core 4 Core 5 Core
Guaranteed RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Resource Limit
Connections (EP) : 60
Active Processes (nPROC) : 120
PHP/CGI Requests : 1500/hour
Average CPU : 40%/day
Inodes : 300,000
Connections (EP) : 80
Active Processes (nPROC) : 180
PHP/CGI Requests : 2500/hour
Average CPU : 60%/day
Inodes : 600,000
Connections (EP) : 100
Active Processes (nPROC) : 200
PHP/CGI Requests : 3500/hour
Average CPU : 90%/day
Inodes : 900,000
Website Speed
up to 100Mbps up to 200Mbps up to 500Mbps
WEB and Application Server LiteSpeed Enterprise LiteSpeed Enterprise LiteSpeed Enterprise+
PHP Version PHP LSAPI 5.2 / 5.3 / 5.4 / 5.5 / 5.6 / 7.0 / 7.1 / 7.2 / 7.3 / 7.4
fully configurable per domain with the ability of running several versions simultaneously
ZEND/IonCube Loader
FTP Manager
File Manager
Email Manager
Image Magick
LiteSpeed LSAPI
ETAG / Sendfile
PageSpeed / HTTP/2
Brotli/Gzip Compression
Server Cache Engine
Smart KeepAlive
IDS/IPS Firewall
Web Application Firewall
Brute-force Protection
Malware Protection
Exploituri Protection
Complete Isolation
2FA/TOTP Authentication
Technical Support 24/7/365
Free Migration
DDoS attack protection
Server UPTIME yearly >99.98% >99.98% >99.98%
Enterprise Servers 4 x Intel® Xeon® series / 256GB ECC RAM / RAID10 SSD / NVME / 4 x Gigabit / 2 x PSU
Server Series HPE DL360, HPE DL380 and storage systems HPE MSA


1 - More information and software specifications are available on phpinfo.ihost.md
2 - The Terms of Use as well as the software limitations are available on Terms and conditions page.
3 - Free WEB Domain Name is offered for new domains registered for annual billing.
4 - Free migration involves only migrating the data and information relevant to web pages. Passwords are not migrated.
Web Hosting Technology

Frequent Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Web Hosting in Moldova service.

Where are web hosting servers located?
  • iHost has servers located in 3 private data centers located in the Republic of Moldova, Luxembourg and the United States.

    Data centers and equipment are privately owned by iHost and are managed by specialists and engineers of the company.

How do I activate my web hosting account?
  • The web hosting account is activated automatically after the processing and validation of the related payments

    All the necessary details and information is sent to the e-mail address used on the registration.

How can I Free Migrate to iHost?
  • During the application process for the selected hosting offer you can specify the data needed for the migration.

    If you do not know this data at the moment, you can request technical support from the customer control panel.

    Data migration is free but does not imply the functionality or maintenance of software dependencies..

Can I test web hosting services for free?
  • The terms and conditions for the Web Hosting Services offers the customer to receive NO QUESTIONS ASKED Moneyback within 15 days.

    If the 15-day deadline is exceeded, the client may request a reasoned full or partial reimbursement.

What payment methods are accepted?
  • Services and invoices can be paid by natural persons as well as legal entities.

    Payments can be made through: Bank Transfer, Bank Card, PayPal, QIWI, BitCoin and other methods through payment processing partners.

    More information about payment methods and terms can be found at Payment Methods