DDoS Protection

Protection and prevention against DDoS and Botnet attacks,
on web pages, server applications and the business environment

Complete protection against:

  • SYN, ICMP, ACK, FIN, RST attacks
  • TCP/UDP port attacks
  • Bandwidth flood attacks
  • HEAD/GET/POST attacks
  • Botnet and Malware attacks
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Complete Cyber Protection

Cyber-attacks in particular the DDoS attack is one of the most serious threats to companies that operate in the online environment, or use the Internet daily. DDoS attacks are different from other cyber threats, these attacks are aimed at completely blocking the online activity of the company or web pages. The people behind these attacks are usually very difficult to identify because they in turn contract these attacks from organized crime groups, hacktivism networks, large Botnet servers. iHost offers you the solution of complete turnkey protection:

Real-time detection of different types of cyber attacks.

Online reporting as well as information on the type of attack.

Complete filtering against malware, botnet or hit-and-run traffic.

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Security offers include scalable and efficient cyber protection solutions for all business categories.

Multi-Layer Security
Multi-Layer Security

Analyze and block concentrated or masked attacks. Data protection and technical infrastructure.

Mitigate complex attacks
Mitigate complex attacks

Detection and mitigation of bandwidth overload attacks or connections in BOTNET networks.

Reporting and analytics
Reporting and analytics

Full analytics, statistics and reporting for cyber service and protection periods.

Business Umbrella
Business Umbrella

The turnkey solution for business in the Online and Offline environment with up-to-date incident reporting.

Web Application Firewall
Web Application Firewall

Advanced protection of WEB protocols in compliance with ISO/SAS/FIPS policies and certifications.

Automatic protection
Automatic protection

Active monitoring and mitigation systems automatically detect and block cyber attacks and malicious activities.

DDoS Protection

Complete Cyber Protection

Complete protection for WEB pages and business against the most sophisticated cyber attacks with proactive analysis and prevention systems.

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Digital Data Protection

Protects your digital data and information from attacks such as ransomware, database, server or email theft..

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DDoS Multi-Layers

Always DDoS Protection

Cyber Security Incident Reporting

Immediate reporting of incidents in order to identify combating solutions as well as preventing theft or data loss.

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Website Protection
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Server Protection
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Business Umbrella
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Always-ON Protection
Overload and flood attacks on ICMP/UDP/TCP protocol
DNS/NTP Amplification
pro Layer 7 Protection
pro VoIP Protection
SSDP/UPnP Protection
Virus/Malware Protection
Protected Domains
IP Public Address
Free SSL Certificate
SPI Firewall Rules and Filters
Access filters by location
pro Support 24/7/365
pro Free migration
pro Guaranteed by SLA>99.98%>99.98%>99.98%
Enterprise class equipmentCISCO Catalyst 6500-E / MBGP connections through 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit ports.
CISCO, VOXILITY, DDoS-Guard traffic cleaning and filtering systems. Optimization and CDN through CloudFlare

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