Safe Internet

Content filtering and immediate blocking of malicious content.
SafeNet means Full Online Business Protection and Safety.

  • Secure access over VPN
  • Dynamic and anonymous IP address
  • Connection in less than 24 hours
  • Anti-Virus protection included
DBaaS Performance

Multi-Layer Security

Advanced security with multiple levels of protection and real-time threat identification. Scanning incoming and outgoing traffic according to predefined parameters and filters. Traffic analysis by Deep Packet Inspection method, defining access rules by categories and keywords.

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Complete Anti-Virus Protection

Default scanning of Internet traffic by two antivirus systems, Bitdefenter Gravityzone Ultra and Sophos Web Gateway offers the highest level of protection against phishing pages, domains and compromised websites. All security incidents are reported daily.

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DBaaS Resilience

DBaas Secure

SafeNet by iHost

Intelligence and protection against pages with inappropriate content. Smart blocking of advertising and Ad-aware products, as well as applying filters and exceptions for certain WEB resources. Limiting access to social networks, messaging, video and WEB 2.0 content.

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SafeNet offer in comparison
SafeNet 100
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SafeNet 200
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SafeNet 300
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Internet Bandwidth
Internet Speed
Connection Type2Virtual Private Network over PPTP / IPsec / OpenVPN
with support for ECDH, RSA, AES encryption algorithms
Deep Packet Inspection
Stateful Packet Inspection
IDPS Protection
GeoIP filtering
DDoS/Botnet Protection
Rules and Access Filters3
Support 802.1Q VLAN
Traffic encryption
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1 - The speed of access through SafeNet can be limited by the Internet operator. We recommend connecting to the iHost network.
2 - The connection is made through the existing Internet service. The router is installed and configured by iHost engineers.
3 - Access rules and filters are configured when connecting the service. Subsequent modification of the configuration up to 3 times per month is free.
Internet Security

Full Online Protection

Complete Online Protection Solution available for any device. At home or in the office, you are always safe.

Live Threat Intelligence
Live Threat Intelligence

Real-time protection against all cyber attacks and continuous filtering of WEB traffic.

Dual Antivirus Protection
Dual Antivirus Protection

Virus protection by scanning traffic with two independent antivirus software solutions.

Filters and Custom Rules
Filters and Custom Rules

Applying group, user, IP or country rules. Fully configurable and transparent access filters.

Internet Security

Frequent questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about SafeNet Filtered Internet Service.

Where servers and data are located?
  • iHost has servers located in 3 private data centers located in the Republic of Moldova, Luxembourg and the United States.

    Data centers and equipment are privately owned by iHost and are managed by specialists and engineers of the company..

What do I need to get the service?
  • An Internet connection is required.

    If the service is accessed from a company or office, it is necessary to install or configure a router.

    If necessary, iHost engineers can connect you to the Internet and configure your equipment.

What are the real benefits of SafeNet?
  • Full anonymity and the possibility of encryption and encryption of Internet traffic.

    iHost does not keep or log access data, sites, ip addresses or other data you access.

    Permanent and complete protection against cyber attacks, viruses, malware and compromised web resources.

Is the speed difference between an Internet operator and SafeNet??
  • No. SafeNet offers the same speed on the Internet.

    Download videos, images, and apps as fast as data is being analyzed for malicious content in real time.

    In some cases, accessing through SafeNet may be faster than through Internet operators.

How I benefit from technical assistance and support?
  • The technical and informational support is provided by iHost.

    You need access to the Customer Access area to get support.

How do I set filters and access rules?
  • Filters and access rules as well as other parameters are set when connecting the SafeNet service.

    Parameter modification is free 3 times a month. For changes over the limit of 3, an additional fee is paid.

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