Web Application Firewall

Advanced protection for WEB Applications against malicious attacks and security breaches.

  • Immediate protection without hardware or software changes
  • Maximum flexibility and control over the protection zones
  • Special security protocols and immediate reporting
  • OWASP, Trustwave and In-House Security rules
Immediate Protection

Immediate Protection and Activation

In less than 60 minutes, the service can be applied to any Cloud or Dedicated Server hosting solution. Protection against XSS, SQLi, RFI, RCE attacks and vulnerabilities by applying the set of OWASP and Trustwave rules as well as sets developed by iHost engineers after intelligent analysis of attacks on hosting networks and web pages.

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Incident Reporting

The incidents and vulnerabilities discovered are immediately reported to the System Administrator. The application of Virtual Patching means and the simulation of vulnerabilities allows the complete isolation of the affected areas. Activating the service requires only changes in the DNS area for the domain to be protected.

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Incident Reporting

Content Analysis

Intelligent Content Analysis

Real-time protection against code injections or loading Webshell / Backdoor malware and scripts. Immediate blocking to infected resources and limiting access to C&C Botnet servers as well as anonymous TOR, SOCKS, PROXY networks. Detecting and blocking HTTP DoS attacks by GET and POST methods.

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WAF Technology

Protection for online business

Avoids critical situations and attacks on WEB pages and Online resources.

Complete Analysis
Complete Analysis

Complete analysis of source code and scripts. Intelligence and analysis based on statistics and global data.

Immediate reporting
Immediate Reporting

Immediate reporting of security incidents and vulnerabilities affecting data security.

Isolation and Protection
Isolation and Protection

Complete isolation of the affected areas as well as the application of the rules of virtual protection and adaptation to the case.

Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about WAF service.

Where are the servers and data located?
  • iHost has servers located in 3 private data centers located in the Republic of Moldova, Luxembourg and the United States.

    Data centers and equipment are privately owned by iHost and are managed by specialists and engineers of the company.

How fast can I connect the protection service?
  • The WAF service can be connected in less than 60 minutes.

    In order to connect the service it is necessary to make the DNS modifications according to the instructions received from the iHost engineers.

    The protection is activated immediately. Subsequently, it is possible to configure granular and apply the necessary rules.

What kind of protection does WAF offer?
  • The WAF service provides protection against attacks intended for web pages and applications.

    Basic WAF filters provide default protection against:

    • SQL Injection (SQLi)
      HTTP Protocol Violations
      Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
      Local File Inclusion (LFI)
      Remote File Inclusion (RFI)
      Remote Code Execution (RCE)
      PHP Code Injection
      JS Payloads

    In addition, rules and filters can be applied according to security parameters and protocols.
    "0-Day" vulnerabilities are blocked immediately without the need for additional actions.

How are I informed of the vulnerabilities detected?
  • The reports are sent to the email address according to the preset chart.

    If the client does not apply any decision or action on a vulnerability, the resource is virtually blocked.

How do I benefit from technical support for this product?
  • The technical and informational support is provided by iHost engineers.

    You need access to the Customer Access area to get support.

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