Service Level Agreement
The technical parameters for service provision and servers by iHost

[v3.1 01/01/2016]

This Quality Commitment or Service Level Agreement (SLA) applies to the entire range of services offered by iHost. By "uptime" we mean the annual percentage, in which your website is available to be accessed from a neutral location through the HTTP / HTTPS protocol. Availability is measured by iHost monitoring systems as well as other independent systems. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime with the goal of reaching 100% for all iHost hosting infrastructure. If this value falls below 99.9% uptime, we will credit the following invoice according to the percentage and calculations in the table:


99.0% - 99.8%5%
98.0% - 98.9%10%
95.0% - 97.9%20%
90.0% - 94.9%50%
0.00% - 89.9%100%

For servers where the client assumes responsibility for the administration, the quality commitment will only refer to the availability of network connectivity of the equipment.

iHost will use its technical, commercial and organizational methods to provide functional services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers are aware that, temporarily, services may be inaccessible or inoperable for a variety of reasons, including periodic maintenance procedures or UPGRADE ("Scheduled Maintenance Operations") iHost will notify customers at least 48 hours prior to performing maintenance operations and will use all technical and commercial means to minimize such interruptions, inaccessibilities or inoperability of its servers.

Customers' accounts will not be credited according to this quality commitment, if any error or failure of the site is caused or generated by:

  • improper functioning of services for cases not under iHost control
  • improper functioning of services for cases that cannot be provided by iHost
  • wars, earthquakes, natural calamities - fire, floods
  • targeted attacks with viruses, trojans as well as hacktivism
  • failure to properly operate software provided by another source
  • DDoS, Botnet cyber attacks
  • embargoes, actions of national or international authorities
  • hardware malfunctions
  • DNS issues or other issues that cannot be controlled by iHost
  • Client access issues with FTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS

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