Payment methods
iHost services can be paid through several payment methods. We make every effort to make the list of payment methods as extensive as possible so that we can include more methods. To stay up to date with the latest news, follow our blog.
Payment methods
credit card

Bank Card payments

The classic and fast payment method. The processing takes place Online and the activation of the service is immediate. Cards issued by international commercial banks are accepted. iHost does not in any way retain card or cardholder information.


You need the following details to make payments with your bank card:

Card number and Holder's name.

Card expiration date.

CVV verification code from the last 3 digits. It is printed on the back side next to the signature.

In addition, the payment processing operator may request other information related to the transaction.

Payment methods
electronic payments

Online payments and electronic money

IHost services can also be paid by electronic or cryptocurrency. Payment processing is done in Online mode. Confirmation of payments can take from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the payment method.

PayPal Skrill WebMoney BitPay

To make payments with electronic or cryptocurrency, follow the steps below:

Step [1] Access the personal office in the Client Area

Step [2] Go to the Billing menu and click My Invoices

Step [3] Select Payment Method from the menu and follow the instructions

Information relevant to transactions carried out in electronic or cryptocurrency currency is kept and processed by iHost in accordance with Privacy Policy.

Payment methods
bank transfer

Bank Transfer

We accept payments through national and international banking and interbank transfer systems. When making international payments, the destination of the payment is required. The transfer fee is paid by the customer (OUR).


Information and details for Bank Transfer

Company name LEVEL7 SRL

Registration number 1008600050969

VAT account 0307341

Bank account for MDL MD77VI000002251403673MDL

Bank account for EUR MD34VI000000022515031718EUR

Bank account for USD MD34VI000000022515031718USD

SWIFT account VICBMD2X416


Bank address Street 31 August 1989, #141, Chisinau, Moldova