Business Performance Features

The best technical features and options available for all Virtual Cloud servers, available in 120 seconds

Powered by Intel® XEON®
Powered by Intel® XEON®

Maximum performance on the HPE platform and XEON processors

SSD/NVME Storage
SSD/NVME Storage

The most reliable storage systems in the SLC Enterprise grade series

Best Internet Connection
Best Internet Connection

Completely redundant network with a capacity of over 100 Gigabits

DDoS/WAF Protection
DDoS/WAF Protection

DDoS / Botnet and cyber attack analysis and mitigation systems

Safe and isolated
Safe and isolated

KVM offers guaranteed resources and 'root' access to the system

Live Support
Live Support

Qualified engineers provide you with the necessary support 24/7

Cloud Servers

Virtual Private Servers in Moldova available for all needs and types of Windows or LINUX applications

VPS in Moldova
Package vCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
1 1GB 20GB SSD 1 TB $4.99/mo Setup
CLOUD-40 1 2GB 40GB SSD 1 TB $9.99/mo Setup
CLOUD-60 2 4GB 60GB SSD 2 TB $14.99/mo Setup
3 8GB 120GB SSD 3 TB $24.99/mo Setup
CLOUD-250 4 12GB 250GB SSD 5 TB $49.99/mo Setup
CLOUD-400 6 16GB 400GB SSD 7 TB $79.99/mo Setup
CLOUD-600 8 24GB 600GB SSD 10 TB $129.99/mo Setup
CLOUD-800 12 32GB 800GB SSD 12 TB $189.99/mo Setup
 CLOUD-NITRO 16 64GB 1000GB SSD 14 TB $329.99/mo Setup
 CLOUD-ULTRA 24 96GB 1500GB SSD 20 TB $449.99/mo Setup

More resources?

Do you need more resources to grow your business? Do you need to process sensitive data that requires strict security, confidentiality, and dedicated infrastructure? Choose the Private Cloud.

Infrastructure management (SDDC) and maximum flexibility with 100% guaranteed resources.

Integration with NSX, Firewall, Load Balancer and other services with speeds from 10Gbps.

Customized Quality Commitment (SLA) with unlimited vertical and horizontal scalability.

Technical specifications

Performance specifications and additional features available for VPS Cloud Servers in Moldova

Ready in 60 seconds
Intel® Xeon™ Processors
Control Panel
SSD and NVME storageHPE/DELL ServersServer Management
High Quality Bandwidth
100G CISCO Network
Private Network
LINUX KVM Hypervisor DDoS/WAF Protection Enterprise Backup
All Specifications
Up to 174% faster than competitors

Powered by KVM Hypervisor and Intel® XEON® based HPE servers with SSD/NVME storage

According to the results of the study conducted by Intel

Recommended Cloud Platform

Services and applications optimized for maximum performance and availability on Cloud Servers in Moldova

Web Application

PHP Hosting in Moldova Nodejs Hosting in Moldova

SQL Database

MariaDB Hosting in Moldova PgSQL Hosting in Moldova


1C Hosting in Moldova Windows Hosting in Moldova

Personal Cloud

NextCloud Hosting in Moldova OwnCloud Hosting in Moldova


WordPress Hosting in Moldova bbPress Hosting in Moldova

eCommerce Platform

WooCommerce Hosting in Moldova Magento Hosting Joomla Hosting in Moldova PrestaShop Hosting in Moldova OpenCart Hosting in Moldova CS-Cart Hosting in Moldova

Or choose the all-inclusive and ultra-performance eCommerce Hosting


XenForo Hosting in Moldova vBulletin Hosting in Moldova

Web Frameworks & Services

Laravel Hosting RubyOnRails Hosting Python Hosting aspnet Hosting Spring Hosting Angular Hosting Vue Hosting React Hosting Redis Hosting MongoDB Hosting CouchDB Hosting Apache Hosting Java Hosting Tomcat Hosting NGINX Hosting OpenLiteSpeed Hosting


OpenVPN Hosting pfSense Hosting Mikrotik Hosting

Cloud Technology

Frequent questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Cloud Server.

Where are the servers and data located?
  • iHost has servers located in 3 private data centers located in the Republic of Moldova, Luxembourg and the United States.

    Data centers and equipment are privately owned by iHost and are managed by specialists and engineers of the company..

What are the benefits of a Cloud server over Dedicated?
  • Lower initial expenses. The Cloud server is available within minutes after order processing.

    With the Cloud server you only pay for the resources that are used, and you can upgrade instantly if necessary.

    All Cloud servers offered by iHost run on redundant platforms, which eliminates the problem of server failure.

Can I migrate directly to a Cloud server?
  • Sure. Data migration is done by iHost engineers and is absolutely free.

    For more details on the migration process, please contact the engineers Technical Support.

Stopped Cloud Servers are also charged?
  • Yes. All servers created in the panel regardless of the active status are charged.

    Server resources are allocated on the platform and on storage systems.

Can I use a Windows operating system?
  • Yes. Cloud servers support Windows operating systems. A server version is provided as a template.

    iHost is not responsible for the Windows systems installed through .ISO and their licensing.

What are the locations where I can benefit from Cloud Server?
  • Cloud Server offers are available in all 10 locations and data centers.

    Active locations: Moldova, Luxembourg, San Francisco, Miami, Montreal, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney.

    Not all options and features are available in all locations, for details please contact the engineers.