Data Center

Infrastructure optimized for
Security, Performance and Scalability

  • 2 Data Centers in the Republic of Moldova
  • 2 Data Centers in Europe
  • 6 Global Points of Presence
  • DDoS attacks Protection and Prevention
  • 200G summary Internet connectivity

10 Data Centers and iHost Points of Presence

iHost data centers offer the most efficient global coverage and connectivity guaranteed by SLA for CLOUD services and solutions.

Load Balancing

Efficiency and Ultra Performance

iHost data centers use enterprise-grade equipment within information networks and server systems. The use of Enterprise equipment offers broad compatibility with all software and hardware systems. In the assembly, all systems offer maximum performance and constant scalability.

iHost manages its own infrastructure and equipment, this allows to make the programmed improvements in the cases needed to complete the request. In-house data center management allows us to choose ultra high performance equipment compatible with all iHost infrastructure.


Network Operations Center

Within the iHost data centers, NOC operations center is activated. NOC Engineers manage all work processes and Monitor Online status of the CLOUD network, equipment and applications. Analytics systems detect and prevent computer attacks such as DDoS, BruteForce, Flood or even complex attacks targeting servers, networks or online applications of high importance.

The reaction time within the NOC is up to 30 minutes. In cases of force majeure, NOC engineers immediately apply the protocols and instructions for recovering or restoring the affected systems.


Redundant Infrastructure

The Data Center is designed on a software and hardware system with guaranteed redundancy. Due to the intelligent use and distribution systems of electricity, the equipment benefits from several independent sources of power. Thanks to the physical and logical redundancy network, CLOUD servers and applications can be migrated in maintenance cases without interrupting their activity and availability.

CLOUD applications and servers that benefit from Fault Tolerance policy are fully protected in case of disaster or force majeure by immediate real-time migration to the Backup Data Center.

iHost Data Centers
Private infrastructure and operated in-house by the team of engineers at iHost.

Confidentiality - Priority # 1

Digital data security and confidentiality is iHost's number one priority.

2FA and TOTP protection
2FA and TOTP protection

Additional security and protection by setting access using an OTP token or 2FA one-time codes.

CCTV monitoring
CCTV monitoring

Data Centers are 24/24 online video monitoring of security engineers and security guards.

Special protocols
Special protocols

iHost offers the possibility to applying special protocols for data protection or complete destruction.

Technical Specifications and Features

Performance specifications and technical features present in iHost data centers in Moldova.

Environmental control
Power grid
2 x VSS Cisco 6500 Series
Temperature 22° +/-3°c
APC InfraStruxure
6 x 10Gbps UPLINKHumidity 50% (+/-10%)2 x 32A per rack 1PH
Interconnection MBGP
60 minutes UPS autonomy
DDoS/Flood protectionHybrid Free-CoolingDiesel Generators ON-SITE