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Unlimited scalability and Ultra-Efficient SSD and NVME storage systems
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Cloud Server
For Web Hosting in CLOUD
$9.99 /month
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  • vCPU
    2 Core
  • RAM
    2GB Memory
    30GB SSD
Cloud Managed Server
Generous resources and BANDWIDTH
$19.99 /month
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  • vCPU
    4 Core
  • RAM
    4GB Memory
    80GB SSD
Ultra Fast Cloud Server
Performance at light speed
$34.99 /monrh
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  • vCPU
    8 Core
  • RAM
    16GB Memory
    120GB NVME

Scalable and efficient from START

Cloud servers are the most efficient offers for hosting data and online applications. Without big upfront expenses, you get your own virtual server with dedicated resources. And if you need to grow or expect a larger flow of users, you increase instant capabilities in real time with just one click.

Also, cloud servers are platform-independent and can run in clustered, high-availability environments or can even be migrated, cloned to other data centers without any compatibility issues.


Available Instant

If some dedicated server solutions and offers take time and the need for resources is critical, then cloud servers are available in less than 30 seconds after application.

This property positions cloud servers as an ultra-efficient and fast alternative for solutions where guaranteed capabilities are needed over dedicated servers or equipment collocation.


Redundant Infrastructure

The technology platform on which the cloud servers are run is built on software and hardware with guaranteed redundancy. Due to the use of iSCSI / SAN storage systems, cloud servers can be migrated in maintenance cases without interrupting their activity while maintaining high availability..

Networks use multiple physical and routing connections guaranteed by EIGRP and MBGP protocols.

iHost Data Centers
Private infrastructure and operated in-house by the team of engineers at iHost.
Cloud Server offer in comparison
Cloud START+
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Cloud Platform
vMotion, High Availability, Fault Tolerance
2 Core4 Core8 Core
RAM Memory
Storage Space
30GB (SSD)80GB (SSD)120GB (NVME)
3000 GB6000 GB10000 GB
Server Snapshot
pro Backup Enterprise
pro Premium Bandwidth
pro Virtual Private Network
pro Anycast IP Service
Operating systemsInstant Template: CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian / Windows Server / FreeBSD
other operating systems are available through connection .ISO
Control Panel
Remote Console / VNC
pro Instant Scalability
pro 24/7/365 Technical Support
pro Free Migration
pro DDoS Protection
pro Server UPTIME>99.98%>99.98%>99.98%
Enterprise class equipment4 x Intel® Xeon® series / 512GB ECC RAM / RAID10 / SSD / NVME / 2 x 10GBit / 2 x PSU
Server Series HPE DL560, HPE DL580 and storage systems HPE MSA

Technical specifications

Additional performance specifications and features for Server Cloud.

Available in 120 seconds
Procesoare Intel® Xeon™
Control Panel
SSD and NVME storageHPE/DELL ServersManaged
Premium Bandwidth
CISCO Network
IPv4 Adresses
Virtual KVMDDoS ProtectionServer Snapshot
All Specifications

Custom Cloud Server

Personalized offers with Instant guaranteed storage and scalability. Additional packages and special features..

vCPU Core ---

RAM Memory ---

Storage Space ---

Internet Bandwidth ---

Backup ---

IPv4 Address ---

Annual payments receive a 20% discount from total order invoice
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Cloud Technology

Frequent questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Cloud Server.

Where are the servers and data located?
  • iHost has servers located in 3 private data centers located in the Republic of Moldova, Luxembourg and the United States.

    Data centers and equipment are privately owned by iHost and are managed by specialists and engineers of the company..

What are the benefits of a Cloud server over Dedicated?
  • Lower initial expenses. The Cloud server is available within minutes after order processing.


    With the Cloud server you only pay for the resources that are used, and you can upgrade instantly if necessary.

    All Cloud servers offered by iHost run on redundant platforms, which eliminates the problem of server failure.

Can I migrate directly to a Cloud server?
  • Sure. Data migration is done by iHost engineers and is absolutely free.


    For more details on the migration process, please contact the engineers Technical Support.

Stopped Cloud Servers are also charged?
  • Yes. All servers created in the panel regardless of the active status are charged.

    Server resources are allocated on the platform and on storage systems.

Can I use a Windows operating system?
  • Yes. Cloud servers support Windows operating systems. A server version is provided as a template.

    iHost is not responsible for the Windows systems installed through .ISO and their licensing.

What are the locations where I can benefit from Cloud Server?
  • Cloud Server offers are available in all 10 locations and data centers.

    Active locations: Moldova, Luxembourg, San Francisco, Miami, Montreal, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney.

    Not all options and features are available in all locations, for details please contact the engineers.